Rose & Hibiscus (Herbal Bath Salts)

Rose & Hibiscus (Herbal Bath Salts)


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Rose and Hibiscus-Herbal bath salts

These beautiful floral salts are mixed with Epsom and raw sea salt, infused with rosewood essential oils and real hibiscus and rose flowers. Add a couple of spoons in warm water and enjoy these floral body soak. Light some candles to add a romantic vibe.

  • Herbal in nature
  • Adds a cool and relaxing vibe
  • Soothing and refreshing properties for the skin
  • first



Rosewood oils

Rosewood oil can be found in cosmetics to strengthen and regenerate the skin. It is, therefore, used to treat stretch marks, tired skin, wrinkles, and acne, as well as to reduce scars.



Hibiscus is full of antioxidants and helps fight skin-damaging.


The rosewood and hibiscus help soothe and refresh your mood and body and is suitable for sensitive skin.